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Michael Benysek December 17, 2017
I really dig this game. I didn’t have a problem shelling out a few bucks for “premium”. I feel like I’ve gotten 6 bucks worth of entertainment for sure. I do not play online multiplayer mode. I do have a suggestion though. It would be nice if you could add a custom scenario builder. Pick the map, teams, territories, number of starting troops, ect. Also an option to be able to stack troops BEFORE all territories are claimed. Would definitely give 5 stars if this was included in a future update.
jaimito garcia November 24, 2017
Game can be hacked a player name joaquin garcia seem to have unlimited cards in the tune of one bonus 62 deep troops in every. RIGGED. Impossible to win. consecutive turn. I updated my review after giving more though is not the companies fault if players cheat , they can be more proactive to assure us fair players that we have a chance after spending a considerably amount of time playing . Will give 5 🌟 rating if i see a more aggressive way to address this.
Tomio Koshikawa
Dont download this game, its a ripoff. I had suspicions that this game is rigged if you bought the premium and i was right. Buying premium will increase your chance of winning significantly. Whats the point in playing a game of chance if you always win against free to pay players. After you buy the game you will win all the time and making this game boring.
John Gonzalez
This game is good, I love playing it. The only problem I have with it is that I HAVE TO WAIT 6 HOURS EVERYTIME I USE JUST ONE TOKEN. And if I use all 3 I got to wait 18 hours till I want them refilled. You only get 3 tokens also, and it takes 2 tokens if you wanna play online so you basically only get to play online once a day. Anyway this game is good but they need to change this because I wanna play it some more, but I gotta wait so fking long. Shorten the wait time for the tokens and also give me more tokens because you’re gonna go right through the tokens in 30min.

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