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Connor Hagen September 15, 2015
Game killing bug Brilliant game in concept and design. Only thing that keeps it from 5 stars is a bug that freezes the game. Also, it’d be nice to have some control over how many rounds there are. I’d like to be able to play a game until there’s a last man standing instead of the game ending after ‘x’ number of turns… that being said, this game will be an easy 5 star after those two things are fixed.
Jennifer Moxley October 3, 2015
Will be a top choice Like computer opponent options for when it’s just two of us playing. Freezes late in games so we don’t get to see who won. Hopefully that bug will be worked out. Music is good. Like giants grunts and celebrations. Appreciate plenty of space for good names and the generated surnames such as “waka waka”. Female giants would be a good addition. The ” rumor” twist is also clever.
Jack Hillier December 5, 2015
Cool Game The game is fun and I like to play it, but I can’t because 90% or the times I play it, it freezes before I can make a move. There are also other bugs like most times you hit the X on the game settings, the settings pop up again. I would love this game if it worked.
Nathan Kennedy December 24, 2015
Nice concept, but terrible freeze bugs. This game freezes periodically regardless of the number and type of players so you can expect to have some fun followed by intense frustration at the wasted time and lack of closure for the battle. Fix that and this would be a 4-Star app. Add Last man standing and it would be 5-Star.
Ian Légaré December 13, 2015
Nothing’s happening… On my first time playing against all CPUs trying to get a feel for the game, it got stuck on a loop 2 times in my first 3 games right after selecting my action. I had the restart the match. It wasn’t frozen but it’s just as bad. Needless to say, I’m not putting my guests through this.

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