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Ivan Leš October 9, 2017
Very nice emulator and a very good system to oractically make your phone and android tv into a retro console. I like you can find games easily although the app itself does not contain any games. However the responsiveness of the phone as a gamepad could be worked on. It does respond but with a lag. Otherwise all great!
ViApps Inc October 9, 2017
Hi. Thanks for feedback! To reduce gamepad lag you can use OTG & Bluetooth controller
Benjamin Dubuisson
I can accomplish the same thing screen mirroring my other better emulators I’ve paid for. The response time is very similar if not slightly slower. As suggested I’ve been using a bluetooth controller, have a AC1900 router and had my phone within a foot of my chromecast with no avail. Unless you just have to have that cast button built in I would not suggest this app.
Adam Waters December 11, 2017
Good start to the app but there is a good bit of lag. I am using Bluetooth controller and sitting 4 ft away from CC. I have a 1900 AC router and there is still enough lag and frame skippage to make it not enjoyable. Please do keep working on it. I love the concept I just think it needs more work. If you can eliminate the lag I would buy this instantly. I wish you success.
Isaac Peep September 24, 2017
People talking about input lag just need to get closer to the chromecast. This does need some work on its frameskipping that happens sometimes but this is a real gem on the playstore
Raihanimnations December 6, 2017
It doesn’t work at all. I have a sky q TV with built in chrome cast. When I use my Tetris emulator, it says ‘Finding Devices’. It just stays like that. I then tested YouTube to see how quickly it would connect and it connected immediately.

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