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Mark Student April 25, 2016
This is a great idea built off of a simple one. We like to use this app when we play board games that involve drawing. Having a whole TV as a canvas is awesome, and for All-Play, it’s hysterical. Well done, Dev.
Mike Schultz November 12, 2016
Hillman. Yeah I’ll take my money. And uninstall. Not providing the service, agreed to, by your auto promter. Gives one change of colour, and prompts, upgrade to premium. Hey the colour matrix was completed by a 2nd grader. What a joke. I will peruse my $2:50 as I believe it to be a lazy way to make money. I don’t usually write negative feedback. But my 4 yr old son was left in tears. Test products, before charging real dollars. Regards Mike Schultz.
Steve Dziama April 23, 2016
Good, but… …won’t let me buy premium. Won’t even prompt me for payment or give me price that the premium upgrade costs… is it $1? $10? I have no idea…
R.B. P.
Yes stars ***UPDATE: IT WORKS, IT’S ALIVE! THANK YOU! ***Won’t install on Note 4. If your product doesn’t work, take it off the shelf…or fix it.
Sean L November 15, 2016
Can someone tell me how to 1) Access the tools again after using the application to draw/cast something. 2) Summon help or any type of support. No response from the in app email address.
SETH STEPHENS May 14, 2016
Doesnt work App stuck at “connecting” on lg ultimate 2, dont waste your time.
Michael Quevillon March 15, 2017
App is deprecated. With new changes (3.0.0), there were install problems that were fixed by 3.0.1, but many major issues still exist. I have contacted the developer and offered to debug the app, but haven’t gotten any news of development in the past 6 months.

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