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Ben J December 14, 2017
It is just a random number generator, not really a ‘bingo’ game. It just goes ‘1, 2, 3, 4, etc up to 75, 80, or 100.’ Not ‘B1, B2, B3, etc up to O75’
Scott Adie December 14, 2017
B1…O75 is supported if you choose 75 balls. Please take a look and let me know if it’s not working for you. Thanks!
Gary Hall December 17, 2017
Good app
Gary Dale June 21, 2017
Used it in an actual bingo game. It allows me to keep a consistent and ignore columns I’m not using in a game. The pause function works but I think I’d prefer to have the pace slider separate from the pause.
robert mcintosh April 20, 2017
App wasnt what I thought it was. Went and bought the premium version, doesnt work well with aux cord. Wouldnt mine getting my change back :+
Brad Gerling April 26, 2017
Great caller. I have used it for family bingo for reunions. When we have cast it onto a TV or projector screen it eliminates the need to repeat the numbers called for a big group.
Amy M. April 21, 2017
Great app aside from when it times out during casting. Casting option is a plus compared to other apps.
Neil Macernie October 26, 2016
The best out there, especially with the casting options! PROS: > Cast to screen > Easy to use > Winner button > Vocal call-out > Auto call-out option with time setting CONS: > Does not display numbers when device is held in landscape orientation SUGGESTED FEATURES: > Counter of numbers called > Rename BINGO option (some people might want PARTY, PRIDE, WACKY, etc.) > Sample card of game(s) being played on left side (in the cast) > Reset winner button when “New Game” is clicked > Option for a repeat on vocal call-out (i.e., “B eleven…B one one”) > Option to change background colors on cast

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