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daria linderssen August 9, 2016
Fun to use Interesting.
Mary Behanna January 3, 2017
Doesn’t always respond
June 2, 2017
No worky
March 19, 2017
radar kay January 5, 2016
Probably the worst of the eight ball apps Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. Sometimes you get audio, sometimes not. The only thing that works flawlessly is the ads!
BV App Labs February 25, 2016
Are you in Chromecast mode or not? Are you still having problems? If so, please email me, I would like to find out why it is not working for you. Thanks!
Daniella Sesay March 6, 2016
I don’t hate it I love Love it
Fabio Petzhold Dias September 30, 2014
amazing! just what I need to replace my missing 8 ball thank you
BV App Labs October 5, 2014
Thanks for the review, I’m glad you enjoy the app.
Brad Connolly July 29, 2014
Fun game Its simple but was fun with friends to show off chromecast, thanks
BV App Labs August 10, 2014
Thanks, I’m glad you had fun with the app.
Scott Xavier April 30, 2014
Doesn’t stream right On a nexus it doesn’t work
BV App Labs July 22, 2014
I do my development using a Nexus 5 and it works just fine for me. Please try again and email me your results, I’d like to work with you to resolve this problem.
Warren H July 18, 2014
Constantly crashes. Do not download this app. It’s a dud.
BV App Labs November 2, 2014
I think I found the problem and fixed it in the last update, can you try again?
Daxter Ramos January 17, 2016
Not yet try it Hope it works!
BV App Labs February 25, 2016
I hope you enjoy the app!
SuperDigiCube July 6, 2017
It is okay
Linda Benamon June 12, 2015
Fun Lol

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