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kimberly deeb August 2, 2016
Horrible Wtf?
Papapau Pansay December 5, 2015
No start button
Gedd M December 31, 2014
Boring Absolutely nothing of interest here
Jonathan Peterson November 11, 2014
Skip Hard to tell what’s going on. No indication of what the swipes are going.
B Rus
Really wanted it to be better I had great hopes of being able to say that this app really wasn’t so bad. But to be honest it doesn’t perform on a usable level. I was able to connect to my chromecast but it was not able to register at least 3/4 of my swipes. I understand there are great difficulties trying to make a platform that’s not made to be this highly interactive into a usable interface and I admire the devs initiative, but I don’t think I could honestly give it more than 2 stars. Hopefully these issues will be addressed.
Justin French July 18, 2014
This is terrible. Not very responsive. And there is limited animation so you cant tell what you are doing
BV App Labs July 22, 2014
Sorry to hear that you had difficulty running the game. The graphics capability of Chromecast is quite limiting. I look forward to the next generation of Google Cast devices, you will see better games then..
ANIMEZING KOREAN August 25, 2014
Wont even connect to chromecast.
BV App Labs October 5, 2014
Please email me so we can try to fix the problem you are having.
Matt Lane May 14, 2014
Pretty good for initial release. Decent little game. Innovation is what will make the CC useful. This is innovative for sure.
BV App Labs June 25, 2014
Thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy the game.
Dustin Bewley December 25, 2016
Just plain awful
A.R. Schneider
Just bad

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