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Juan Estrada January 22, 2015
Why the persistent service? As soon as you boot up your phone this game app will load in the background, I am pretty sure that it is not necessary.
Lindsay Lowe December 31, 2015
4 pics 1 word cast Too fast. No time to look at the pictures. Only 1 person can answer – others don’t get chance. Hate it.
Matthew Pool April 18, 2014
Spam Great app. However it has spammed me twice SINCE I updated it telling me to update. If it continues it will be uninstalled.
Half Mango April 18, 2014
Sorry, we sent 2 notifications by mistake. Thanks for playing.
Bassel Dawod January 30, 2015
Silly pictures Annoying music and silly pictures, although the idea is nice and a copy for others game
David Pyles December 3, 2017
Would not connect as soon as it connected it dropped. Sad looks like it would be a fun family game night game
Matt Bates May 17, 2015
Works well on cast Not perhaps as hard as the normal 4 pics so the winner is often decided by typing speed rather than guessing speed, but still good fun and no lag, glitches or disconnects at all, across a wide range of devices.
Lucy Monreal October 21, 2015
Fun I like that now I can play against people using my Chromecast. The only downside is that since it isn’t on the app store, iPhone users won’t be able to play against you.
Mikaeel Hajj May 18, 2014
Family fun. Had trouble joining players at first but now it runs smooth. Galaxy S3.
Eilis Toner March 27, 2016
Needs to tell you the word that you got wrong
Adriana Peebles
Where’s the answer? Is the answer displayed somewhere if noone guesses correctly?
Dan Collins January 3, 2016
No load Wouldn’t start. Tried 3 times.

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