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Karl Ramstedt February 20, 2015
A pretty decent little quiz program It has a few bugs and the GUI isn’t great, but those are pretty minor compared to the much more important feature of choosing categories or a mix thereof. It is in dire need of some kind of automatic way of fetching new questions every round so that it doesn’t repeat them every now and then. Google knowledge graphs should be a good fit.
Mark Freedman June 28, 2015
Fun but very few questions This game has like 50 questions. Hitting repeats on my fourth playthrough.
Donnie Gehrke November 28, 2015
Great design. Not enough content. 3 questions repeated in 2nd game. Uninstalling until more questions are added.
Elyess Abouda April 8, 2017
Great concept. Needs more questions. It would be nice if it reads the question instead of the annoying music.
Christian Estarita June 18, 2017
The app crashes before it even opens. I tried on Motorola Droid Turbo and Galaxy Note 5
Brady Schwartz July 30, 2015
Hard These questions are impossible. I’ll stick to Trivia Crack
Natalie Davis September 16, 2016
Crap Game has like 20 questions. Not worth the download.
Tommy Rawe July 6, 2017
Couldn’t even use it. Crashed everytime I started it
Caitlin Tulloch August 21, 2017
Does not work, crashes immediately. Do not install.
Amanda Springer July 14, 2017
Nothing happens. Game installed but doesn’t work.
Kyle P June 30, 2017
Crashes immediately when selecting a Chromecast.
Slipbeast77FX October 17, 2016
Liked it but needs sound fix Every time I play trivia bash it always does the delaying sound
AD Falcon July 2, 2017
Doesn’t work.
Nathan Smith December 1, 2015
Fun party game Played it with my wife. Look forward to playing with a bigger party.
Jens Kunst December 25, 2015
Does not even connect
Josiah Lansford July 14, 2017
App crashes on start

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