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Dhruv Shetty March 23, 2016
Doesn’t work at all Crashes if I try to start , go to rules, or help. Besically doesn’t let me go out of the first screen. My device is a yureka
Devansh Koppar June 9, 2015
Pretty good I like the app but I would like to make a couple of suggestions….. First of all there shouldn’t be a time limit to play and the AI players play really fast. If you can fix it it’ll be perfect
Lacey Strunk February 8, 2016
Boyfriend hates it! But i love it because i won 3 outta 3! I never win at anything and you can manipulate the dice right. Worked to my advantage 😀
eM C May 23, 2015
Easy, fun Read the rules but there’s no need. Once you start playing it’s easy to figure it out. Best played with at least one other person, playing on your own against AI can get boring.
Iman Ebrahimi June 7, 2015
Useless it needs to b connected to chromcast!!?? wat does it hve do with a network!? didn work anyway.. useless, uninstalled.
Linda Kojich
Similar to Sorry! We got a kick out of this once we figured it out! Fun game to play together!
mayank auto June 9, 2016
Zeba Its a nice game i have played in my frnds mobile but how to start it i did not came to know can any on help me out
Mikey G May 18, 2017
Can’t even play. Every time I try to connect to cast it crashes and Ludo Cast stops working
Nishii chocoLate March 22, 2015
Does not work at all.. there r no instructions if how to start the game!!!
Jeremy Cummings March 8, 2017
This is one of the more shabby programming jobs I’ve seen. The game is obviously rigged; due to that, it wastes your time and makes game play unfair.

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