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Matthew Pool September 1, 2014
Volume control! Simple solution, non-existent. I use my phone to control all audio to me projector. This app has no way of controlling that. Just ridiculously Loud.
Stephen Johnson January 31, 2015
Cute idea poor execution. It barely works. If it actually worked for more than one level I’d up it to 4 stars at least for the novelty of the game.
Andrew McArthur August 9, 2014
Quite enjoyable Single or multiplayer, this is a great use of the Chromecast. Able to add people in at the beginning of each round. We experienced some network lag at points but still had a fun time playing with my 4 year old.
Reverxiaa_3 February 17, 2015
Loved it I just downloaded it and it looks confusing, I will find out how to use it eventually!
Amin Shawki February 5, 2016
Didn’t work Google nexus 6, kept shutting down Chromecast
Mark Freedman June 28, 2015
Too small Drove a wedge in my marriage. No idea what happens
Simon Pope October 25, 2014
Great fun Perfect use of the cast features. Nice little app
Dulce Rubio
Doesnt workk
James Lomax September 27, 2014
Nice Nice little simple game
ALEX PIZANO February 21, 2015
Its awesome
Andy Smith
Fun stuff Inconsistent avatars makes me want to have a setting to enable keeping your avatar. Still, fun with my 4 year old!
Jeremy Ryals May 31, 2014
My wife Has apple and I cant find this in her market, itold her apple sucks, would be cool if I could also play her though.
Beau Johnson June 13, 2014
Fun Boring when playing solo, but isn’t that the case with life?
Brad Veenvliet May 15, 2014
Innovative Good idea for a game. First version is playable and it doesn’t lag like many Chromecast games. However, the controls are a bit difficult, it would be much better to hold down the direction you want to go instead of having to tap it so much. Or, continue to go in the last direction pressed until you hit a wall like the old snake game.

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