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Tim O December 8, 2017
Installed on Bravia Android TV. Game loads to main menu with GO button, music plays, but can’t do anything. Input from TV remote control is ignored.
William Boy December 11, 2017
Really loved this app. But since I got my G s8+ the menu load but will not let me see any tanks. Or fish. I can hear music but not see anything but the menu
Angelo Adriano November 19, 2017
Great app!!!
Timothy Lewis December 3, 2016
One of the better aquarium apps I actually saw this on Xbox One and looked up a video to see if it was worth it. I discovered it was available for mobile and decided to go that t route. Haven’t tried all of the features but so far, so good. Really good lighting and animation. (Droid Moto Z).
Timbo CanFly December 15, 2016
Great job. Just get it people. Really nice and loads of options and fish etc. Worth the $ for sure. Can it only cast thru chromecast and not direct to TV though? 4.5 stars but 5 if/when it can. Cheers and keep it up. ***UPDATE***…. 5 stars. Mirroring hiccups but all good now. 😊
Charles Caldwell
It’s ok. I regret buying this though. I understand it is digital, but the movement is very choppy even if i only use 1 fish. I was going to buy this in Wii U, but i am not completely satisfied. Great options and things to modify. I like i can cast it to Chromecast, but if my screen on my phone times out, the screen on the tv goes dark and doesn’t stay on.
ason Calimer
Love it but can’t use it as a screen saver on Google TV I can’t use this as a screen saver? I’m using it on a Nvidia Shield.

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