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Jilly Fleming April 30, 2015
Really want a go!!! I love the idea of this but it just won’t seem to cast or do anything. The TV screen goes blank and then eventually times out and goes back to the home screen while nothing happens on the app. Is there a fix for this?
Bryan Evans December 1, 2014
Great idea, but so ugly. Please update your graphics. Seems fun, but terrible interface.
Robert Lester February 4, 2015
Good idea could be great Uses google street view to show a city and you have to guess where it is. Great idea but needs to be a bit slicker.
Barry Cagle May 16, 2015
Don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work.
dana johnson Will Rinehart February 18, 2014
good start Not bad. It’s cool to see international cities on the big screen via Google maps street view. The controls have two arrows. The controls don’t seem to be displaying properly on my nexus 7. I have a ^ and a V and that is it. I can swipe left or right to look around, but the instructions say there are supposed to be buttons for that.
Palagraph Inc. February 18, 2014
Thanks. We will work on improving the help. The buttons show up if you use your tablet in landscape mode (you hold it in two hands, and swipes are inconvenient). In portrait mode there are just 3 buttons and you control with swipes.
Brad P February 21, 2014
Very fun Great app, love playing this on my Chromecast, street view is great and some very beautiful cities. App does crash allot, hopefully a fix will come soon… gs4 – aokp – 4.4KitKat
Palagraph Inc. February 20, 2014
Thank you. We are working on bug fixes and on multi-player features. If you send some descriptions of crashes via Email Developer link in Play Store we’ll be able to fix more bugs sooner 🙂

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