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Mike Stoll October 2, 2014
Has potential Mate was kicked out of the game because of ads. In the phone should also be the answers and not only a/b/c/d because game would be faster.
Mark Winn-Smith January 18, 2015
Hard to see on TV The background colour and questions were all quite light so it was very hard to read and hurt our eyes.
Nick Springall April 9, 2014
Cool game Good game, The English version needs some different phrasing though. “That has known” isn’t generally a phrase used in English, you could use “Players with correct answer:”
Phillipp Ohlandt April 9, 2014
Gedd M December 31, 2014
Play the game twice and you know it all Nuff said
Mark Hepworth April 8, 2014
Fun Works fine, English translation is ok, if a bit wonky at times.
Phillipp Ohlandt April 8, 2014
hey, if you like, you can send me a few adjustments
Ashley Lindsay April 20, 2014
Doesn’t work!
Phillipp Ohlandt April 21, 2014
please send me an email and tell me your problem.
John Lukash August 12, 2017
Doesn’t work don’t install
Kevin Sweeney April 26, 2014
How do I get the number to start playing?
Phillipp Ohlandt April 26, 2014
if you play as host, you get the game number after selecting the numbers of questions. with this number other players can join the game.
Norman at Home April 4, 2014
Won’t Connect to cast Uninstalling
Phillipp Ohlandt April 4, 2014
please tell me your reason via mail.
Mark McWhirter August 13, 2014
Phillipp Ohlandt August 29, 2014
then report it
Scott Lindsay April 20, 2014
Phillipp Ohlandt April 21, 2014
please send me an email and tell me your problem.
Franco Camacho March 22, 2014
Cool game Fun game

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