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Abhijit Gulab September 16, 2016
Good game. Works with Chomecast First launch the game. Then it will show 3 steps to start the game . DONT FOLLOW IT. Go to Cast screen option on your mobile. Once you cast the screen, the game automatically takes over. It is quite fun to play. The developers should update the setup tips. I also didn’t face any connections disconnection issues
Ricco Bates September 5, 2015
Great idea Great idea.. But won’t get past calibrate screen on television, calibrates just fine on phone screen. Can start game, hear sounds, etc. I am connected to chromecast, I am casting screen.. All is well. Just won’t display game on tv.. Even thou it says currently displaying on tv screen. WTF.?
SCY satish May 26, 2016
what the **** guys…. the game keeps on fffing asking to connect to chromecast while i am already casting… its making me go crazy…fix this bullshit…. now i am talking like that cus im frustrated… take it easy
Abhishek Nayak May 21, 2016
3 for being the first This game in all honesty isn’t the best. The sensor calibration isn’t accurate by a huge margin, suffice it to say, that makes this a swing hand simulator, instead of a real game. Needs a lot of performance and gameplay improvements. The other and part is the horrendous life system. Why? The only reason this game is getting 3 is for the effort and half assed implementation. You can do better.
George Bush November 15, 2015
As said elsewhere. .. My s4 mini connects for about 5 seconds then disconnects so there’s no way to play the game. I do think its a fault with chromecast not this game. Either way more work needs to be taken to ensure this app works. Will update review at a later time if I can get it to work.

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