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Saleem Noorali March 21, 2015
Does what it says but could be better It is a pretty simple app that I found helpful. I don’t get the item modifier because any gear I just put under modifier. Adding a option for the current Monster fight or multiple monsters would be cool. Again, could just make it another name but sometimes with all the math and cards thrown out, can be a little confusing. I do wish that this had a more appropriate theme. Tried it for the first time last night and someone mentioned that it looked like a score system when you go bowling. While I know they can’t use any art assets, they could make it generic fantasy looking at least. Would also like the ability to have some sort of soundtrack play in the background (again similar style to fantasy).
Magical Aaron February 9, 2015
It’s not a terrible app I love the ability to send the leaderboard to the Chromecast. However this one does not have the bells and whistles that a lot of other Munchkin apps have (Class Bonuses, battle tracker, sidekicks, etc)
Krishna Makhija September 25, 2014
Put Bitcoins Where? This app has completely revolutionised the way I play Munchkin. Thank you, developer. To you I pledge my firstborn child.
Luis Doria October 16, 2014
Goog Needs a battle page in the right. Just needs a monster level and modifier. Maybe a button to add help.
Magnus Persson December 27, 2014
great help, love the chromecast started learning to play, is great for keeping track of score.
Evan Murphy May 17, 2015
Great content, but looks are dull I wish the colors of the interface were changeable.
Brett Olivier June 26, 2015
Does what it says Would like to customize it a bit more. Maybe add skins or something. Thanks for the app!

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