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December 12, 2017
I miss the old youtube app where the ads played at the beginning of the video instead it being placed throughout the video. I want to watch a video entirely without breaks in between it. If I wanted to watch something with constant pauses I’d just watch regular tv.
Kagura Leon December 13, 2017
Was using the factory version (due to previous update voice and video not in sync), but now that the factory version have the 401 network error every time I start it, I thought I try updating to the latest version. I got to say, the latest version seems to have solved the voice and video sync problem. Thank you for the continuous improvement of this app. Cheers (^_^)
Aimen Rehman December 13, 2017
Hello I’m facing a slight issue. I’ve updated the app but still I’m unable to see the play speed button. I’m using Huawei honor 4c. Is it just me or this speed control feature not compatible with my phone. Thank you in advance. Please look in to this
Renuka Aundhakar December 12, 2017
hello team, I think something is wrong with last two updates. I am not able to see any video …only audio is playing in background with black screen…kindly provide proper update for this issue.
Kalpan Shah December 14, 2017
Thank you google for making such a great app… Now a days in the era of self education.. not able to imagine solve our queries without youtube… Very useful….. Great app.. Thnx…
Amazing Kitty December 13, 2017
I would give this a 5 + but it keeps on glitching on me can you fix that please
Vishal Singh December 13, 2017
Very bad updates, crashing with my screen mirroring in Sony Bravia after a interval of time

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