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Jeffrey Proctor December 9, 2017
Nicely done. PLAYER function needs an update for shuffle and an auto play features. the SOURCES should upgrade so Apple TV can play all iTunes content with user account as well as play through Apple TV please upgrade ….good job guys. HOWEVER the feature for ALBUMS only shows up ONE TIME then it doesn’t make the folders in the ALBUMS reappear after the first install of this app. Please fix this issue
Catalin Ionescu December 12, 2017
I can stream music to my Samsung TV, but it gives me error when I try to stream a movie, not even sure if it’s apps fault or tvs fault
Tuxera Inc. December 13, 2017
Hello Catalin, thanks for your contact. Where are you streaming the movie from, which is the format that you are trying to watch?
Matt Tocci December 11, 2017
The app worked great about a month ago but now it won’t connect to my roku if you could help me fix my issue I would love to reinstate the 5 stars
Tuxera Inc. December 12, 2017
Hello Matt, thanks for your contact. How is the app / phone connected to your Roku device? Does the Roku have allconnect receiver installed? You can contact us here or via Thanks.
Josh Arnold December 6, 2017
Worthless app!!! Fails to connect to xbox one Even when everything is on the same WiFi. Don’t try to Email support because they never reply to you. Stay away from this app it is garbage!!!
John Andre Papasin December 7, 2017
Finally after days of searching, an app that I need! Now I just need this to have a subtitle support because some movies or shows talk fast and are undecipherable.
Ste Leedham
The app is really good apart from one issues when you pause the film you are watching it can freeze also say if I am using showbox you can not fast forward or rewind it starts the stream from scratch

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