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Dmitrij Paškevič December 12, 2017
Horrible Chromecast implementation guys. App connects to the Chromecast, but doesn’t send videos to it. Also, can you please just copy the queuing UX for playing videos via Chromecast? I.e. you open a video page on the app and then click to play it right away or queue it up. At the moment whenever you click on another video even though you just want to read its description or comments, it starts playing it despite something else is already on..
Richard Cranium December 12, 2017
Getting tired of youtube so im trying this. I have a suggestion for 2 more category choices up top. Automotive/transportation, all car, motorcycle, boat, train, plane, go-kart, ect. And science. I mean u have a tab for fashion, and no science? C’mon.. and how do u turn off autoplay?
Shelly Abraham December 13, 2017
It is a good thing that I am not compelled to see ads. But it is really annoying that I can’t stop autoplay.
m. e. b. December 1, 2017
i’m very new to vimeo . ..however, the archive seems fairly remarkable. the site’s infrastructure & the index &/or organization of it’s subjects is tailored in a way that is neither too rigid or its opposite.
Innaci Micheal December 12, 2017
A great alternative to YouTube. You may not find what you’re looking for, but the videos sure has something to offer.
Rakhi Lathwal December 11, 2017
This is stupid app. Don’t download. No vedio is available. I don’t understand why people waste their time in making these type apps.
Atto Kum December 12, 2017
Is an exceptional app. Excellent in many areas of video technology. Love it so much and would recommend to it to anyone in a heart beat. Excellent, excellent.

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