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Quinton Templer December 12, 2017
Put it on my kids s5. Kept lagging out. I couldnt even put in my cable info because the link screen kept coming up as an error. If she taps the all episodes tab the app shuts off. I thought it might be the age of the phone so I put it on my S8+ with the same results.
Chase December 6, 2017
It keeps on shutting off before I can watch a show other than the mix. So this basically became pointless. It worked the first time. After that it stopped. I litterally only got this app for teen titans classic. Was excited. It worked. Then it stopped. It works again, and now only 4 episodes? This app is horrible.
Soran the Okami December 6, 2017
My WHOLE REASON for downloading this was to watch the original Teen Titans. They advertise that you can watch all 5 seasons right now. At first, this seemed true. I could choose any episode to watch between the 5 seasons. Naturally, I started with the first. I paused and came back about 20min later, and now, out of the formerly 89 episodes I could watch, I can only watch 4, and they’re all from S5. Ep 9,11,12, and 13. Yeah. What the heck
benly townsend December 10, 2017
Horrible for my device. Cannot cast half the time and have to wait forever just to get to a menu. Awful. Fix the casting issue and I’ll give you 5 stars
Edward Bixler November 30, 2017
While it’s nice to be able to watch the shows, this app is the definition of poor ui. Awful splash screen that takes way too long to go away. Awful way of selecting episodes. It won’t let me know if we already saw an episode, making us have to guess.

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