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Abhishek Gupta November 22, 2017
Keeps on freezing
Itsasoftware November 23, 2017
Hello Abhishek, we’re sorry for the issue. Please contact us at to let us know additional details about the issue so we can identify and fix it. Thanks for your patience and best regards.
james mergens November 30, 2017
peter oliphant May 14, 2017
Stopped cast 3 times to play ad on my phone. Didn’t even save position.
April 10, 2017
Wouldn’t run. Failed everytime I tried to use it.
Itsasoftware April 21, 2017
Hello, we are sorry for the problem. Did you noticed issues connecting to your cast device or playing media?
andy lamasa
Can not add subtitles from folder. Useless
Paul Wight July 5, 2017
Chromecasting works, but it won’t play the content at the url I gave it.
Itsasoftware July 5, 2017
Hello Paul, you can play media urls that support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. Usually these files are in .m3u8 format. Feel free to contact us at if you have further questions or concerns.
TJ Nielsen April 17, 2017
It does not work
Itsasoftware April 21, 2017
Hi TJ, we are sorry for the problem. Can you please tell us if you noticed issues connecting to your cast device or playing media?
July 7, 2017
Won’t play what it says
Itsasoftware July 14, 2017
Hello, we are sorry for the issue. Are you unable to play media on you cast device? Please contact us at to request dedicated support, thank you.
Greg Liles
Works great, finds content on my device automatically!
David O’Mahony April 29, 2017
I can’t find the cast button so it’s unusable
Itsasoftware April 29, 2017
Hi David, cast button is located on navigation bar, on top of the screen. If you are unable to see it, it may be possible that no cast device is detected. If it’s the case please contact us at and we’ll provide you dedicated assistance, thank you.
Jeff Barnard March 1, 2017
Great. Works well, unlike all of the other apps.
Jonas Bergkvist June 9, 2017
Faake news.
shivangi bhatt June 4, 2017
Not working
Itsasoftware June 6, 2017
Hi, we are sorry you experienced issues using the app. Please contact us at to report the problem and our team will assist you to fix it, thanks.
chris parker July 21, 2017
Cast Play
kenneth graham August 18, 2017
I like it
Tom Petty March 20, 2017
Amazing app!

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