Free Internet Speed for Chromecast – SpeedCast Android

Michelle Renee Frost December 4, 2017
It’s great. It shows me that I’m not getting what I paid for! I’m contacting the crappy NBN and asking for a refund!
MKV, MP3 & other audio & video players December 4, 2017
Hi Michelle, thanks a lot for your rating 😀 Our recommendation, before call NBN is try to move your wifi router closer to your TV and launch the bandwith test again. Maybe the problem is in your wifi :/. In that case, a solution could be buying a wifi repeater. Regards
Cj Mijares December 1, 2017
Works great.. just took second to cast my device.. and Because it’s free application ads. will pops up but all cool.. thanks for the developer.. (recommended)
Magnus Greborn December 10, 2017
Thanks, solved my issue which turned out to be the placement of the router.
Andrew LeDawson December 1, 2017
This speed test app works great on my Chromecast! Thanks a ton!
TheGQBrotha December 4, 2017
Terrific app for getting an idea of your Chromecast connection speed
Gilbert Garcia December 9, 2017
Works very well
William Bennett
Seemed to be a fairly accurate test, good free app
Joe Madore December 8, 2017
All good
Ch Choong November 25, 2017
With Oct 18, 2017 updates. Very slow in detecting Chromecast. Chromecast found took almost 15 seconds. Edited: Nov 24, 2017 version 1.0.7 Chromecast detection is fast. Thank you.
MagicThighs November 24, 2017
Would be very happy for a paid for version. Thank you.
Richard Crosby October 26, 2017
Way too many ads
November 15, 2017
Yes i like samantha ashley upiter
October 5, 2017
Working great now, thanks! Finds Chromecast quickly, easily disconnects after test. I like the new screen on the television when testing 🙂
MKV, MP3 & other audio & video players October 5, 2017
Really happy to read your review 😀

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