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Alan Welsh December 8, 2017
Another VLC fork it seems. Not as many features as mxplayer nor as nice an interface. But with support for all the formats, it’s a much needed player. App fails when opening certain sub files.
Sebastian Suarez November 15, 2017
App is great but I wanted it solely for chromecast support, which it advertises. I could not get it to cast to my chromecast. Just shows a completely black screen on my chromecast when I connect it.
November 29, 2017
Not working on Google Chromecast..but the video is good..please make it work on Google chrome cast. thanx
Bubba G October 14, 2017
Failed to Chromecast from Galaxy S6. Seemed to connect all right but when playing video it only plays on the S6, not the TV.
Matthew Schell November 12, 2017
Downloaded for its Chromecast support which works if you open the video player app then select the file you want to play. But if you open the video file directly from a file manager or Android desktop no option for casting exists…making this app not suitable for my needs.
Violet Inspiration
I was browsing some video players with a minimize feature, glad I bumped into this 😍
Deckas lordea October 4, 2017
When i re-open the EQ It alway turning back to flat setting Made me have to set it over and over again Maybe you guys can fix it and maybe add eq setting saver That’s would be great And i don’t really like the album cover Interface Why don’t you guys just make it full screen ? I mean..there’s an image in an image..i just don’t like it BTW it’s an outstanding app.. As a DJ i have to say your EQ is a real deal Your Pre-Amp bring less distortion.. While other app will becoming to noisy when i drag it up.. And i could bring the bands down into -20dB while other app only can reach -10 or 12 dB only

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