iBAKATV Google Play Store Download

iBAKATV Google Play Store Download

bamidele akande December 6, 2017
How do we get to watch full screen on this app? Half of the whole video was covered by a green bar
December 1, 2017
I subscribe ysterday until now haven’t been able to watch one movie I don’t understand
December 7, 2017
Since I downloaded the app,it hasn’t been functional on my phone. I can’t view anything on it.
Yemi Khadri November 11, 2017
The app was OK until I upgraded it and now am getting a crashed message. Why is that pls. Is my subscription fee going to be refunded or there is going to be an extension after you sought out your app issues. Don’t let your viewers loose interest in you pls it is not good for business.
November 11, 2017
I. Orubibi October 29, 2017
Not able to view it on tv. How could an app be strictly mobile based when the content has more value on a wider/bigger screen?
RM G September 5, 2017
I have downloaded the ibakatv app 5 times since yesterday and after downloading the app simply refuses to work at all. It just shows the IBAKATV sign and does not go any further or ask me to log in or sign up. Obviously the CEO and co-founders does not know their business is going wrong and their app is lifeless. Your competitors like IROKOTv are out there trying to enhance their business, IBAKATV is out here trying to destroy its own business. A simple app cannot work and when it eventually does, the customer care number does not go through at all. The chat button does not work. iBAKATV I just regretted paying my money to
Tina Grant September 23, 2017
This app crashes too much for me . need to fix it. I’m not even going to waste my time I leave this on my phone

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