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Dj jurden January 20, 2017
mezzmo changed my life
I was hoping this app would be good enough to become my Chromecast caster of choice, but the interface is just meh. Beyond simply playing video, it would have been great if there was an instant replay button (back 10 seconds) and a skip forward button (30 seconds), which is kind of necessary when my phone or tablet is acting as the TV remote. In fact, out of all the Chromecast-compatible apps that I’ve sampled, I think Mezzmo is the only one that doesn’t have these basic transport buttons. Maybe version 3 could concentrate a bit on making it more user friendly.
Jeremy Cheah
Does not work. Working now see update Paid for server on PC. Now have to pay more money for this!! Cannot even find my LG TV with this app. The pc server finds all devices including macs and ifon on the network. Even moto xoom. But this android app only found the integra av audio processor. Not evn my pc. This app does not work and Conceiva wants $$ for it???? Reply to conceiva: My TV is a DMR. Its a LGsmartTV. If the pc server can find the LG why not this app. Like I said, the pc server app finds the LGTV and registers it as a device. Win7 and Macs can play video files TO it. I can browse mezzmo server and play
Pradip ZX April 7, 2015
Bug Unable to view photos from my media server (TP-Link WDR3500).
Conceiva Pty. Ltd. April 7, 2015
We can help to resolve this problem if you contact support [at] conceiva [dot] com
Joshua Ejorh
This is the best app ever because it works on my samsung blu ray player and its too bad that i can’t use it on my Apple tv

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