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Frank Banul August 18, 2016
Timers don’t work in Android 4.4. There are no transition effects. Weather won’t stay on the screen. Other than those limitations, this is the best photo frame that I have found. 3.1 won’t open, crashes on startup. Please revert back to the old code or update, I sent logs.
Panos Asproulis September 23, 2016
Needs more work It does the job but it needs some more work. The UI behaves in a weird manner and it is not intuitive. Also, it does not support SMB to access network drives and computers neither DLNA.
William WJ November 17, 2017
Awful app. Lacks customization options and forces you into the developers ideal of how photos should be displayed on a photo frame. The developers have terrible taste and have no idea what people want in a photo frame. Don’t waste your time on this garbage.
Garrett Downen December 8, 2016
Will purchase and re-rate once it works 404 error. Nexus 6p w/ Android 7.0 attempting to cast to a second gen Chromecast. Seems like a great app; looking forward to it being usable.
Dimitris Malamatenios January 31, 2017
I paid for the premium Prime features and one would expect the developer to at least fix the problem that the app does not even start. Instead they went all quiet since the broken app got released in August 2016. I am not a happy paying customer.
Poik Spirit December 5, 2016
Chromecast functionality appears to be broken. It would be nice if it loaded pictures in the background and buffered a little more sanely. I see a blank screen a lot. So far this is the best slideshow app I found, but it’s just shy of what I was looking for.

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