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John Foley December 4, 2017
This app does not permit scheduling a future conference. If it did, I would rate it 4 or 5
katiana ward September 17, 2017
It is ok I would like to see who is joining and leaving the group as well as mute participants when others are speaking. It disconnects a lot. I’m going to uninstall it and find another app more to what I’m looking for. December 1, 2017
Thank you for your review on our app. Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer care team at (844) 844-1322 to get more information on the features we have available that you mentioned above.
Emery Barber October 4, 2017
This app is absolutely or should I say appsolutely amazing! I have consistently been able to utilize all of the features advertised! From video and audio conferencing to chatting, screensharing, file sharing, and that’s just skimming the surface! Don’t have enough room to tell you more. Make sure you have the appropriate memory, get this app for yourself. This is a robust app that provides you with your own ministerial, business, or personal online cross media communications center!
Isaac Moseki
Have not tested it yet, just downloaded now, I think its useful to me.
Rasheed Usmani September 21, 2017
This app is a must for on the go conference calling… specially for a team to collaborate. Extremely useful for entrepreneurs like me.
Akilah Doyle October 19, 2017
The functionality and sound quality is good, and the ability to send in app messages while on calls is great.
Joseph Kaelin November 4, 2017
constantly asks my to change password. then tells me thus software is not compatible with my phone.
Ritu Deshmukh September 14, 2017
The call always gets terminated in between causing the disturbance.

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