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Patelfamily Apps July 24, 2017
It’s good but buggy. For example: 1. Only showed up all files if mkv files were in their own folder and all files had a space in the name. 2. Bought the app via in app purchase so I did share more than 3 files to another device. I can only share 4 files. Wasn’t really worth paying for that. 3. Can’t share, and play in sync files over 2 gig. It’ll copy it across but then say the copy is incomplete. I bought the app for playing videos in sync on a long journey. When it works it’s great, but it’s far from perfect. I’d say it’s in the beta test phase really.
ym ma August 14, 2017
Great Floating video, I still come back to this one after trying others. My only issue is that when I have on speaker boost it does not work with this app. It was works with other floating video players. Please fix
Harikesh Kumar December 8, 2017
******Important***** I want my home page should always in Directory Views then why its switch to gallery tab. Plz fix it …other wise its useless for me
March 1, 2017
I love this thing. Breaks from time to time, but the versatility of it more than đakes up for everything. Honestly, afraid of updating every time so that the updates don’t break it.
mohd nasirun May 20, 2017
My fav player i there anyhow that u can make it more like pop ups player?that would b far nice overall.thanks.keep up a gud job
Harshal Jadhav March 29, 2017
I am using Moto G 3 handset.. while using pop up or floating screen option mobile hangs.. plz fix the bug..

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