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Ekta Lal August 23, 2017
If some bunch of losers can pay to the people who worked and put effort behind making this beautiful app and put food on their table, then we can make this app for free !!! I will advise these losers to go to office and not demand any salary, coz this is what they mean by making stuff free. Total ignorance at its peak !! I totally love this app and definitely 30/- bucks is peanuts for this precious knowledge!! Kudos to the team and keep ur spirits high!! Jai Guru Dev ! 🙂
Saregama India Ltd August 24, 2017
Dear Ekta Lal Thank you very much! We are very pleased to receive such wonderful review. The user like you helps us reach our goal, to make a difference we will need your continued support. Regards Team Saregama
Samir Gupta November 28, 2017
What a brilliant effort an app drafted with Inherent Engineering precision. Thanks for the pain and efforts taken by the team of perfectionists. Kudos to your efforts. I am spell bound.
Saregama India Ltd December 1, 2017
Hi Smair, We’re happy to receive such wonderful review. It feels nice when efforts are appreciated. Please share more about your experience with the app. Your detailed feedback would help us improve further. Regards Team Saregama
harsh pasrija August 11, 2017
Awesome app. So many knowledge videos at a very minimal cost. Offlining videos is an amazing feature. Just some minor technical glitches at time. But enjoying it a lot
SURESH VERMA November 28, 2017
All bhajans and videos are of a very good quality. I like the contents for Art of Living, where you get most of bhajans, talk videos at one place and that too at a nominal cost of Rs.30 per month. Please add bhajans CDs from more AOL singers. I recommend it for every devotee, especially from Art of Living.

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