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Shoebox - Photo Storage and Cloud Backup

ene gece October 21, 2017
Awesome app! Too bad that the vid storage is too limited. I love the fact that it syncs your photos immediately and the way it organizes them by year, months, and dates. You can just click on the year, then choose the month, and you can easily access your photos. Google Photo would greatly benefit of a picture organization model like this.
Mary Bowser December 3, 2017
I am still learning but I love it a lot so far 😊 I lost my old phone once and it had picture of my terminally ill son on and thank God it was found and turned in I was told about this app and have used it ever since. My son has since passed 2 years ago and I am So very thankful for this beyond words to express. God bless you
life with little Valdrons November 13, 2017
I love this app. I lost my phone when my son was just over a year and hadn’t synced my old photos to my computer yet. So I lost about 6 months of pictures (thankfully not all). When I got my new phone I downloaded this app and now have over 10,000 photos saved. I’m thankful I could sync it to my computer pics to because when that crashed a few months ago and I thought I lost all my pictures (again) I remembered they were all saved! Thank you Shoebox
December 3, 2017
Genuinely love Shoebox! It’s a real godsend, ever since I had my phone stolen 2 years ago I’ve been really paranoid about my photos not being saved, but with Shoebox I don’t have to worry about that. I was really nervous to pay for premium but I’m so glad I did! The only thing I wish shoebox did have was the ability to create your own folders. I would be able to sort my photos out according to their category for easier access as opposed to having to scroll through all the photos from that one month! **edit: it turns out you can organise them into folders! You’ve got to “share” and then create an album!

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