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Jeremiah Czarowitz January 23, 2015
Good but needs improvement Only casting app I have found that does not require your device to be connected to the same network as the chromecast. Only giving three stars due to issues with video stopping if anything else is done on my phone as well as lack of playback control. If this is resolved will change to 5 star rating.
Rich Chase November 1, 2016
Doesn’t work for me. When I connect to my chromecast it only displays an error message. When I disconnect the app from the chromecast, the error goes away. I can stream content from other apps on the same phone to the chromecast, no problem.
Phill B May 23, 2014
Great Start Only app I’ve found playing music and photo slideshow on Chromecast. Needs polishing. A settings menu to choose which order to play photos in albums. Also skip and pause. Slideshow timings. Randomise. Standard options found in popular music and slideshow apps would make this a fantastic program. Well done and please keep up the good work.
Kurt Dicke July 30, 2014
the only chromecast app that i could get to do a slideshow like i wanted i tried several chromecast compatible apps that said they could do a slide show but only this one worked. i created a folder of photos on my phone for a memorial and used this app to present them. it worked. i wish there was some way to randomize the sequence of photos so i’m only giving it 4 stars instead of 5. i first tried it on the free version then paid the two bucks to get rid of the logo and i was done. well done castOnTv.
John R
Free version is worthless. Free version has always-there annoying logo right on top of casted images! Several FREE apps are available in the Play store that don’t do that, and often offer more features also! (check out LocalCast, EZcast, others!) ONLY neat feature is ability to select background music – but you can do that by using ANY casting app, and also sending music from the music app of your choice via bluetooth – works great. I wonder if this developer can’t find a better way to entice purchase?

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