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Tyler Breault February 21, 2017
I can’t even make it all the way through a podcast without the audio pausing and then when I look at the screen its as if the podcast has ended and is showing the replay button, it’d be bearable if this happened once in a while, but it happens multiple times whilst listening to the podcast. I like the content, this has nothing to do with that, I just wish the app would stop crashing and stopping playback
Robert Gladys May 18, 2017
I’ve had issues over the last year with not being able to stream content, but for the last few weeks when I try to cast to my TV the app closes and nothing that I do will let me stream content to my TV. So I figured that I would just launch my subscription from my desktop and cast it to my tv, but it is flash content and browsers are doing away with flash so I cannot watch it that way either. And I do not want to install flash since there are always security risks. So even though I’m a paid subscriber, I have to wait to watch movie fights on YouTube like everyone else
Paul Reilly May 16, 2017
The app all of a sudden stopped working. Says “Failed to load” not matter what I do. Even if it was working it get 3 stars at most. Video player is pretty bad and constantly stops in the middle of a video. However, the content it delivers gets 5 stars from me. Wish the app worked and then wish it would get better
Erik Maier January 14, 2017
Content is great! The app It’s ok but lacking some features, plus using on my tv I can watch videos in full screen which is very disappointing.

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