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Alex Garcia October 4, 2017
It’s an ok app but would be a lot better if you could access private folders. There seems to be no way to do so. Even Kodi can access private folders if you put in the SMB access path along with the login info. But I need this app to do so as well to access private files remotely from outside the home network. No idea why Seagate would omit such an important feature. EDIT: While I do appreciate that Seagate replied to my comment, the solution they responded with is not the solution I want. I do not want to make the folder publicly accessible even if they are connected to my home network. What I need is an option within the app to login with my personal username to access the private folder only with that login.
EF Fìvè October 27, 2017
I had limited success with this a couple years ago. Set all up fresh again in hopes of smooth operation- No such luck. Circle of death spins forever, literally, before it will think about accessing songs on my hard drive… Which I might add was the whole reason for buying Seagate to begin with. Disappointed.
Seagate Technology LLC November 2, 2017
Please first check to make sure you have the latest firmware for your Seagate drive. If you have the Personal Cloud, please reference the following article: Determine if you can connect locally, over 4g, or over another wifi network. Otherwise, contact us directly so we may assist further:
Fabian Gordon November 9, 2017
To be honest with you, this app needs to support all video formats. I of to be converting movies to mp4. That’s a waste of time. What if I get a vob, mvk, avi, flv , you name it. I should be able to view any type of movie being the fact that I am able to stream from the hard drive wirelessly. Great app but please improve.

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