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Naveen Singh November 27, 2017
Bakwas totally…
November 24, 2017
It so NYC … usefully app
mario stoto February 8, 2017
Won’t sync automatically. I have to manually tag the photos on my phone and then upload to cloud even when on wifi. Will stick to other ways of backing up my photos.
gamer world April 24, 2017
A useless app. All it does is consume battery life and ram
Alan Hobbs March 16, 2017
This program started off ok then until some time ago it stopped loading recent photos and when I now connect it tells me my cloud storage is ‘unavailable’ WHY? This has been going on for last few months ,it,s MY photo collection . Not easy to use.
Stacey Weber March 14, 2017
Seriously? Just how many photo viewers do I need on one tablet? What is this junk, and why am I not allowed to uninstall it?
Anne-Sophie G.-N.
For some reason nothing uploads to the cloud, I can only see what’s on my device. Also, it only loads the pictures in your camera roll, not in any other folder.
December 12, 2016
Does not work Our IT department can not get it to work. It used to work fine but not after it updated.
March 20, 2017
This is stupid i deleted snap chat and
Suraj Rajbhar March 28, 2017
Garbage app don’t install
Gabriel Kanev March 22, 2017
Just junk on my tablet.
Alan D May 15, 2017
Won’t transfer my photos from my phone,spent half the night trying .Deleted
September 28, 2017
Isse ghatiya app Maine aaj tak nahi dekha.
Brenda Steele November 21, 2016
Photos of family and cats The back-up
January 12, 2017
I can’t restore my photographs
November 17, 2016
Santhosh Useful to get back the images in phone and memory card which were deleted

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