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Maddux Wolfinbarger May 8, 2017
I think this app is great! It’s very smooth with a lot of features that work and are useful! But I was wondering why everytime I brodcast I get black glitchy lines. Is it because my kbps speed is too high? If the any Dev could help that’d be so dope. I wanna make my Livestream for LA flawless.
Nick Sanchez May 21, 2017
Excellent interface and overall feel, but I have 3 concerns/questions. 1.) A black flickering effect occurs on my streams. How do I solve this? 2.) Zooming in and out via pinching on the screen seems to only work when it wants to. 3.) How exactly do I stream via RTMP to a site that has a stream key, if I can at all?
incblot creations July 7, 2017
Works great on my Samsung S7. I think older versions like the S5 struggle as the camera flickers. I have experienced that. That’s why I upgraded my phone. GREAT features and settings. Newer phone = Better streaming Unless you are dedicated streamer then this is not for you.
my 3 kids my world July 6, 2017
Capturing the SCREEN (e.g. during games and such) is only available on Android 5.0 or newer. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE DONE. 2. Don’t expect the app to work very well on old or limited devices.
Caleb Quick May 5, 2017
Great app! Works flawlessly with Twitch. Pro version is DEFINITELY worth it. Hoping this works with external Mic’s. Would recommend this app to anyone looking to stream on Twitch from their android mobile device!
Zayne Black September 13, 2017
Great for Twitch, although I’m on an S8+ which has a weird aspect ratio, and the stream comes out letterboxed. Probably nothing that can be done about it. Also, the app says I can stream over local network? Just wondering if I can set it as a Source in OBS to do a ‘proper’ full-on stream from my phone, but I can’t figure out how that might work.

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