Phone eye – Web camera Google Play Store Download

Phone eye - Web camera Google Play Store Download

Massa Creto April 21, 2015
Does what it’s made for The web browser stream is good… when switchin front and rear cam you have to “pause” and “play” again. I like it… a little heavy on the battery. But it is a good app… thank you dev! Hope to see an update with more settings and options soon… 🙂 also please add a latency display or something like it, now I get by the light pixels movement…
Dave Campbell November 18, 2017
Simple and lite enough to work on an old Droid 3. One problem – the main camera is slightly out of focus with this app. Rear cam is fine and the front cam is fine with other apps. Since there are no focus options it’s a bit of an annoyance.
Ray Luo August 9, 2015
Unstable Pros: video in real time without lag, viewer side doesn’t need special app other than browser. Cons: unstable, tend to lose connection if adjusting any setting on camera during playing.
Richard Bradley September 28, 2015
Brilliant app Works on BOTH BROWSER AND CHROMECAST so people that say it does NOTHING need to turn on their phones !!!!!
Zuta Lors January 7, 2017
Best simple and free app for the purpose Thank you developer for such a wonderful free app. It would be great if we could choose between front and back camera as I also would like to use the screen as a photos display.
Mr McKeever August 25, 2017
5/5 for being lightweight, not needing any additional software and for playing via chromecast or any browser. Works great!
April 27, 2015
I would give another 2 stars if there was audio, without that logo on phone plus a bigger screen on the tv but still good a lot of fun

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