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Santosh Thorat November 2, 2017
It does Not allow to create an account. How can anyone start the meeting?
StartMeeting December 1, 2017
Thank you for your review. To create an account please contact our 24/7 customer care agents at (844) 844-1322 and they can assist you in creating an account.
Jonathan Orinda September 28, 2017
Leonard Wee September 3, 2017
Badly designed app. Can’t even change meeting ID. Designer should be fired immediately.
Ed Kennedy October 28, 2016
This is crap! Says easy to use, etc. No idea how to start it join a meeting. How the he’ll do you create an acct? No help…no instructions. I give up
Rene November 11, 2016
Inaccessible buttons and no Mic in internet mode Bugs from August make the app very annoying and hard to use! Bottom row of buttons is off-screen = very difficult to use for attending different meetings, especially if they’re back-to-back. Also, connecting from cellphone over internet no longer provides bidirectional audio: I can hear the meeting, but they cannot hear me unless I dial in separately. Before those buttons disappeared and the audio issues started, I would’ve given this app a 5, but now I’m having a hard time justifying more than 2 stars…
January 15, 2017
Start meeting
TT C June 28, 2016
Bluetooth Audio bug When chats post in the app it interrupts the Bluetooth audio stream sending the conference audio to your speaker. Kind of an inconvenience, everyone in the room gives you dirty looks XD
Kim Jordan June 7, 2016
Better than Free Conference Call I like that I can mute individual callers if they have background noise
Alex Egbeiye January 25, 2016
Great app, just testing it, it’s worth it
Frederick Caldwell April 20, 2016
Start meeting app Seamlessly intergrates the video and call. Can see just what the presnter is doing and can chime in whenever! Great app!

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