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Robert Person April 20, 2017
Liked it until the last update – fails to launch – I get a white screen, never get to pictures then closes. Motorola Xoom – Android version 4.1.2. Update:Uninstalled and re-install – still same issue. Cleared cache as well as app data. Still no joy
Dodging Pixels, LLC. April 18, 2017
You may need to wipe the app’s data or re-install after the last update. What Android version is your Xoom on?
Paul Stokes August 9, 2017
Best Reddit app to date, browsing is neater and more intuitive than any other Reddit app in the play store. The only thing wrong with it is it mutes Spotify when in swipe mode.
Eric Sowards April 16, 2017
Bugs have been eliminated and app is back to being amazing. Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly
Jordan B April 17, 2017
I loved this app and they have fixed issues with pictures not loading so it works perfect again!
Dodging Pixels, LLC. April 18, 2017
Thanks! Glad the update worked for you.
Vince Pale Jr July 20, 2017
I like this app, and the slideshow is awesome, however, it would be amazing if the sideshow played for X seconds or however long 1 loop of the GIF takes. Lmk if that gets implemented.
Eti K July 1, 2017
Once logged in it would be great if you could upvote/down vote posts? Would be really handy.
Dodging Pixels, LLC. June 30, 2017
You can already login. Click the banner in the navigation drawer.
Chris Ediger April 20, 2017
It’s good.
Brock Camper April 14, 2017
Thumbnail do not load so pretty much useless
Dodging Pixels, LLC. April 18, 2017
Has the most recent update fixed this problem for you?
Onno Benschop April 3, 2017
Doesn’t work.

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