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Dan F December 1, 2017
They took away recursion, I took away 2 more stars, when you have ~75000 photos in a couple hundred subfolders, most with subfolders themselves, recursion is a must. Also, still no way to force a skip (i.e. I have display time set to 30 seconds, but can swipe to bypass a pic or something)
Martin Vysny2 December 2, 2017
I am sorry to hear that. Recursion is a critical feature which must work at all times. If it doesn’t its a bug. Can you please let me know which stream type are you using, and open a bug report at ?
December 9, 2017
Use this as media DLNA renderer for pictures
Kris Hallis October 29, 2017
Hi, I tried to email you, but your email address didn’t work. I just paid $11 for this app as it looks great. However, when streaming photos through OneDrive, I get an exception error after it displays a number of photos correctly. This makes it unusable. I have submitted an issue on github. Thanks, Kris
Dimitris Malamatenios September 26, 2017
I got a new error from an Instagram account. It appears once in a while. I press back, then start the slideshow again and it will continue for a couple of days before the error appears again. Any ideas? sk.baka.photoframe.util.IOExceptionWithCause: sk.baka.photoframe.util.IOExceptionWithcause: Read error: ssl=0x536c8780: I/O error during system call, Connection reset by peer
Alan Phillips September 5, 2017
App looks very promising, UI is nicely thought out. Taking images from an SMB share is very unreliable, though – after a while app shows a Java exception message for a timeout, either while crawling the folders or running the slideshow. Fortunately I have a device with a keyboard and a Home key to get control back – when the message is showing the screen does not respond to touch and would otherwise need a power off!

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