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Daniel Torres December 1, 2017
EPG sync not working at all. Shows the account is synced in the System but doesn’t update the EPG on live Channels on Nvidia Shield TV. Also crashes a lot. Please fix the bugs with EPG and crashes.. last point is that doesn’t support Close Captions. Changing from 1 to 3 stars, as the Developer is trying hard to fix the problem.
Justin Brooks November 19, 2017
I will give 5 stars as this has been the most intuitive an best way I’ve found to port my IPTV into android tv live channels. The only downfall is the custom EPG input. After spending almost an hour manually adding my EPG paths to each channel (yes that’s the only way) only 1-3 channels end up working with EPG the rest provide no information. Please resolve this issue as it was not an issue I had with tvirl or cumulus tv.
calber November 20, 2017
Hi Justin, custom EPG is a new feature. if you can provide some more details about your problem I will be happy to try to improve and fix the issue. Use email or G+ support community. Thanks a lot
Prince June 28, 2017
Used to be great not used it for about a year not it’s crashing on android TV nexus player
Cua de danh March 4, 2017
Can’t play udp protocol, cannot add custom EPG source
calber April 21, 2017
dear Cua, we are working on custom EPG source. Udp on the other side it’s considered end of life and not supported by Exoplayer.
Michael Sayed July 2, 2017
Spent more then $10 for space and now it’s telling me I have 10 free spaces and I have to buy more
Nels On October 5, 2017
I pay 200 channels and now have 10

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