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Oldsmitt Games June 29, 2015
Works great But randomly disconnected around the 12 minutes mark, fix and I’ll upgrade!
William Cameron June 30, 2015
So far so good BUT… D/L for my Galaxy S5 but can’t believe my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 isn’t supported? It’s a top tier tablet on the market. Just because it’s a 10.5″ screen doesn’t mean we don’t want to cast from it. Nice screen makes finding video easy. Then I want to cast it to my 65″ TV. Can you fix this please?
August 10, 2017
I tap the cast button and it just sits there looking for my chromecast forever and won’t find it but other apps can detect and use my chromecast.
Jorn Navarre July 30, 2015
Logo only, no media Just doesn’t work, connects to my Chromecast, displays its logo and that’s all, no media.
Boris B July 5, 2015
With every other app out there Why would I buy yours. To get rid of an icon? Just download all cast
Frank Cast
Unable to cast or play local mp4 video or photos.
Melvin Narciso May 21, 2015
Will not play mkv Avi yes but not mkv
BatPlay May 22, 2015
MKV file type is supported by CastX if you use Chromecast. For DLNA, not all DLNA devices support MKV file type. It depends on the media player of your DLNA device. Thanks for your feedback.
Abhijeet Ukey September 23, 2015
No AC3 audio support
Bobby Bobby July 1, 2015
Don’t waste your time downloading this app
VANJARA M. Jameel November 20, 2015
Vanjara M J Superb application.
Dennis Westphall January 10, 2017
Cast Phone
JaMarcus RayRay December 21, 2015
I love it
Terry Phibbs November 3, 2015
Simple and efficient

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