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Mark Chapman October 14, 2017
I’m very pleasantly surprised. I was lucky enough to get a years free premium because of my Scribd subscription. I’m a film afficionado, so this is right up my alley as it were. I particularly love foreign cinema so I’m looking very forward to discovering some new gems and increase my broad knowledge of cinema. Thanks Mubi. Keep up the fantastic work.Do you guys give away prizes or have competitions sometimes?
sriprakasa s November 26, 2017
Having horrible problem with download…First of all it doesn’t download fast.To add to owes if some part is downloaded it suddenly stops and have to start all over again.waste of bandwidth..Mubi team pls address it urgently.. other wise content seems good
Zotric Zaoh November 15, 2017
I downloaded my first film to watch on holiday in Holland but it has disappeared. Maybe it expired I don’t know but it needed to tell me. Even to view a downloaded film the app won’t start without an internet connection. Now I’m in Holland descriptions are in Dutch! Needs a language setting. I’ll create a new review if these objections are overcome. The range of films is interesting and I think it would be a valuable addition if films could be shared with friends.
Sue Powell October 10, 2017
I love this app, it’s like having my own private film festival. The films on offer are miles away from the dross on Netflix & Amazon, and I enjoy the way it has a rolling programme of carefully selected choices instead of billions of crummy Hollywood stuff. There’s always something worth seeing…….great stuff!
petr franc December 2, 2017
Extremely poor performance when trying to watch movies on phone. With decent phone (Xperia Z3+) and 30+ Mbit/sec any movie plays as slideshow. Any other movie service works a treat on the device (although I would prefer Mubi as for the content)

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