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Rob Rosendale April 28, 2015
Tassiepizzaman Hi doesn’t fit screen ,the text is off on the right and far left of screen. . I have a wide screen tv. How can i fix this? You can’t see all the text.
peterbee April 28, 2015
Hi Rob! If you go to the ‘Global Settings’ tab, you will see a ‘Screen Padding’ section. Here you can push the text in both vertically and horizontally. This should fix you up!
chesh kat December 13, 2015
Fun to Play with This ! Still want ability to play images from own phone or SD card.
Kama Kahue August 15, 2015
Help! Nothing besides the weather, time and wallpapers are really working..
peterbee August 17, 2015
Hi! Would you like to shoot me an email and I can try and help? Are you referring to the album art?
Rellaford Denaro February 9, 2015
Since i can’t get any assistance i would like a refund Can’t get pass the setup screen
peterbee February 9, 2015
Hi Rellaford, I don’t seem to have any messages from you .. I checked spam as well. I’m more than happy to help get you past the initial load. Please shoot me an email.
Mike Lewis January 23, 2015
Good Concept I’d like to see material design in the ui, but works great otherwise.
peterbee January 26, 2015
Thanks! Working on it : )
July 8, 2014
Why wasn’t this included? The substandard default Chromecast app pails into insignificance once this is installed. Everything is fully customizable (as it should be) but dead easy to use. In setting up the app every time I thought I was going to run into a problem the next setting fixed it. As I type this review I get a text message, look at my tv and read it, before giving this beautiful app 5 stars. Well done, best dollar I have spent on the play store.

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