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Kim D. October 30, 2017
I love that my trainer can put in custom cardio workouts for me. However, I HATE that when I’m doing the workout, all I get is a voice prompt. She speaks really fast and is hard to hear over the treadmill. If I miss the voice prompt, I have no idea what speed I’m supposed to set the treadmill at until the next interval. Please fix this!!
Mixer 1979 October 15, 2017
Failed update
Andrew Cao August 10, 2017
With the update, I am unable to even log in. States that you need to download members app.
Nobuhiro Hase August 20, 2017
Keith McGovern June 9, 2017
Videos need Chromecast support
Alfred Fier May 19, 2017
Terrible all. Stopped recognizing my log in. Same problem with wife’s cell
Laura March 15, 2017
If I try to go into this app later it won’t allow me to right back in. It forces a crash and then makes your restart the app. It’s pretty annoying
April 4, 2017
The app crashes EVERY SINGLE DAY. Also, I can’t see classes scheduled anymore. It says there are none. Every day. It needs a serious ITupdate
Justin Morales March 9, 2017
Piece of junk. The app crashes 3-5times a workout. Not user friendly. Very clunky.
Lisa Jackson March 22, 2017
I love to use this app to order my morning protein shake since I’m always rushing. Also the filters in the classes are highly effective. When I joined, I was always interested in yoga. Now that I’ve memorized that schedule, I needed the app again to plan cardio and strength, and it worked perfectly.
Travis Cameron March 8, 2017
Wouldn’t allow the filter settings on groups classed to be changed so very few classes show up.

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