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rehana almero December 9, 2017
Before MixerBox required me to log in my fb account, I had about 1500 coins earned and 100+ songs on my playlist. One day I come back on it with only 30 or 40 songs and 175 coins and all my bought themes are gone. I still use the app because its easier to add songs on than listening to my stored music. Its an ‘eh’ app because I’m pissed about my reduced coins and removed songs and lost themes. I guess it’s a good app above all.
LP Soldier December 2, 2017
For those who need offline use sorry this can’t do that but I highly recommend this app for the online use! Good quality and can search 99% of music on YouTube. Extremely Rare: video format errors, can’t replace. Rare: No longer available, this app lets you replace them with a working video of that same song. You can also listen to podcasts, livestreams, and other videos that are not music too. One thing, please make it scroll faster when rearranging songs in playlists. Good job on this app creators! It’s the best one and user friendly!
Jordyn Singleton December 3, 2017
Sometimes stops Really cool that you can find practically every song but sometimes the video will stop at one second and just not play. Also when you go to the apps the music and video stops and goes away. Please fix for five stars!
December 6, 2017
It’s a good app, the only adds that kome on are when u exit out a song, I like it kuz u kan organize them under whatever name u want, and u kan go to other apps while listening only thing is u Kant listen to it with the screen off

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