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Deliah Boles October 30, 2017
Not very happy I’m not able to access my account. I have to wait several days regain access.
Lisa S October 28, 2017
Upgraded and can’t log in. Says my (tablet) device can’t be recognized.
Harry Sharkey October 4, 2017
Works better than earlier versions. Much easier to delete items no longer needed.
Wade Hampton September 22, 2017
I depend on Verizon Cloud for all my backup needs. It is efficient and very easy to use, it works all by itself, keeping your device backed up at all times. I use it on both my phone and tablet.
Alicia Holloway August 2, 2017
David Muscarella June 13, 2017
Says my user number and password are correct but that I don’t have a Verizon Cloud account yet. So how do you get one???
Gloria Becker
Keeps saying can’t backup. They want me to pay for more space.
Robert Hicks July 6, 2017
Nice to have my files automatically backed up to a place I can access easily.
May 10, 2017
Love it, but… I wish it had an easier way to organise your content. I’d really like to have my own folder organization. Kin or like how Google drive does their cloud. It’s really not easy going through a time line of uploads to place like files together. Thanks.
Tammie April 15, 2017
Verizon wireless has lost everything in my cloud account – FOR THE SECOND TIME….
shkunk1 April 11, 2017
Auto backups. Accessible from all my devices. Easy to use. What more do you need.
B Redus March 10, 2017
9 out of 10 times the app ends without me getting to the pictures plus the count of each category on my smartphone does not match my tablet
Caroline Shank March 10, 2017
Loses nothing

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