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James Stoics November 28, 2017
At first I gave you guys 5 star but it has now been reduced to 3 because I’m having two major problems and suggestions. Please make it in such a way that new album can be created and also be able to be deleted.
benny – December 6, 2017
Not a helpful tools used in Picasa. 1 star only. Should allow to edit or delete photos before they are uploaded….
December 6, 2017
I think this app has a mind of its own, and functions in ways at times you wish it never did. And other times can’t function to save your life! Whatever you do don’t use this app and depend on it picasa that is to be a safe dependable go to file system functional and available for safeguarding pictures and videos you might one day hope to access again and share with the kids now grown up. You will be dissapointed!
ganesh semalty December 3, 2017
Facing issue, noticed just today that few of albums are missing though present in google photos. It was working ok few days back.
Jennifer Jones December 5, 2017
Okay it’s a good app, but you can’t actually delete photos. I’ve spent the past 2 days looking for a way to delete photos and all I get is remove album.
L-M December 3, 2017
Worked in passed, now unable to upload picture(s). Unable to upload picture(s).
دلارام لعلی November 26, 2017
خوبه ولی زبان فارسی نداره و بعضی مثل من سواد انگلیسی ندارن باید چطوری کار کنن باش
Brian vii November 28, 2017
Since the latest update I can’t use the app to set wallpapers. Why ???
Soumya Naskar December 2, 2017
same picture rolling!! Very irritating!!
April Burrow November 26, 2017
I sure wish i could delete pictures!!
A.J. Fakouri November 29, 2017
Won’t be ablet to help tou . Waits of time.
damien xavior December 6, 2017
Alexandra Davila November 24, 2017
How do I delete the account? It stays active on a old phone and other people are able to see. I even deleted the app on there. But when they sign in it continues to bring up my stuff. Help me delete please. Or delete pictures off my phone. Asap

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