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Clay Wheeler September 12, 2017
This App is So damn Good. I don’t get it why ppl rate it 1 star. Hmm perhaps because of initial Slow Loading image. I load a 4200×2100 px image about 3 seconds. I’m not app expert, but I just happened found another app that can Load image instantly after selected, but the downside it shows ads and the HUD UI can’t be hiden Remember people, this app most Likely Loads image with 2:1 aspect Ratio aka Equirectangular image
Rahul naik July 23, 2017
Edit 4: The develeoper solved the issue. For all those who are looking to view panoramas one after the other, open es file explorer, select all images and share with turnme panorama. Now you can navigate within VR! Great support by the developers!
Benjamin Bezine August 23, 2017
Thanks for the feedback!
Holly Van Heerden November 24, 2017
I needed an app to take panoramas with, this app lets you view 360 degree photos. Quite useless if you ask me.
Ayeche Chellia
It is the best app. But better if you remove those panoramas. We need just to open our ones. Or at least an option to delete them.
Harshit Ahluwalia September 3, 2017
Finally found the app to view my 360/Panaromic images without using the VR Headset. Just turn around your phone to view. Also you can see the Videos. Thanks for the nice woek developers. Hope to see more fine updates.
yaman koudmani September 4, 2017
Works for what it it’s supposed to… It just seems unrefined as an app. Needs that red box to be changed to something that isn’t so… Clashing.
t stone September 21, 2017
I Would give it a 5 star review if the red and white App logo wasn’t always popping up. Uther than that… it’s simple Beautiful and Amazing!

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