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August 12, 2014
Picture Orientation They’re is no intelligence in displaying pictures. Pictures on my devices display correctly, but when using PictureCast it’s kinda a crap shoot. I would rate this app better if this were corrected.
Matthew Perris July 17, 2017
Works for Instagram but can’t get Facebook albums or photos to work on it.
Kyle Mills February 13, 2015
Looks good but limitations I need to be able to cast an instagram hash tag or other user’s feed.
Mark Freedman July 4, 2015
Pay for it. No. Unclear what you have to pay for. Ugh.
August 10, 2017
crashes as soon as I try to cast
Austin Andreasen June 7, 2014
Pics on sd card didn’t show. Dev had it fixed in <1 day. 5 stars! And will be upgrading in app!
Unstable Apps June 1, 2014
Glad you like it! More features are coming soon!
Ben Napper June 1, 2014
Very Nice For a brand new app, works well. Only real knock against it is no video support. Once that’s in there, any other features are pure bonus.
Aaron Echols May 31, 2014
🙂 Looks great. Bought the premium, but it never seems to load the albums from Google+. /me sad panda Also, when purchasing the premium edition, it should hide the option to purchase it again.
Derek Gordon May 31, 2014
Great! Great job as always my friend. I’m already spamming this to people I know who’ve waited for such an option.
Nolan Goplen May 30, 2014
This is exactly what the chromecast needed Great way to share pictures in a social situation. Works quite well and the interface is easy to use.
Megan Grebowiec May 31, 2014
Great for vacation pictures Such a great way to share vacation pictures with others.

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