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Lovish Verma December 5, 2017
There is some issue with your app. 1. My enrolled courses are not shown many times. 2. If I am connected to WiFi & click on an already downloaded video lecture, it automatically gets removed from offline downloaded list. I have to again download the lecture video for offline use.
Udemy October 1, 2017
Hi Lovish, We are very sorry for the frustrating experience. Would you please contact us with more details via One of our support agents will look into the issue and take care of you from there. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.
Sourabh S Nath December 6, 2017
The video player reloads the video every time some other event occurs on the phone. Do something about this. And it loads slow.
Udemy November 25, 2017
Hi Sourabh, thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry for the hassle. Could you please contact us via with more detail of your problem and one of our agents will take care of your issue from there? Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Anabel Gonzalez December 7, 2017
Funciona extremadamente mal. Tarda mucho para cargar la aplicacion, se congela y me interrumpe los videos cuando los estoy mirando (se tilda y tengo que reiniciar todo)
Alex Alp Bahar December 7, 2017
Bluetooth pause & play , next & previous controls do not work. Looking forward to see this fairly standard feature on Udemy application.
Udemy December 4, 2017
Hi Alex, We apologize for the frustrating experience with the Udemy app. Could you please provide us with more details via One of our Support Agents will take care of your issue from there. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Drew Hester December 5, 2017
Love udemy! Use it all the time, and the app helps me take it with me everywhere! Keep up the great work!

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